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In a lounge room, two male flatmates in their 20s- one Aussie and one Maori - sit in their arm chairs. The Maori is watching TV. The Aussie has just landed after smashing through the roof. he holds a packet of Vicks Extra Strength Vapour Drops.


Freelance Director.

A girl, with a broken doll, screams for her Mum.

Robert Timms

Prod Co. Director. Editor. 

In a factory, a foreman is sucked into a blackhole. This a still from a SafetyCulture TV commercial.


Creative. Prod. Co. Director. Editor.

A close up image of a woman using a Tyro Payments terminal.


Freelance Creative, Director & Editor.

A woman, wearing a t-shirt and denim overalls, scrubs a bathroom floor. Her expression is one of disappointment.


Creative. Prod Co. Director. Editor.

Surprise! A man lays in the boot of a Hyundai Sonata, waving at whoever opened it.


Prod Co. Director. Editor.

Ngali Shaw stands in the middle of a crowd, proud of his Indigenous heritage.


Freelance Director.  

A still from the TVC for Crescent Lufkin of a kneeling workman looking at his elongated Crescent-Lufkin tape measure.

Crescent Lufkin

Freelance Director.