G'day, I'm Dean Friske, a commercial filmmaker

creating fun stuff for
brave brands.

While I revel in making ads with misfit characters and a good dose of laconic Aussie comedy, I find writing about myself as much fun as picking up dog sh*t.

So, to find out how I work, see the FUQs below or call me on 0414 420 402.

Or, for an unbiased appraisal of my credentials, contact the most trustworthy person I know - my Mum. She'd love to hear from you (just don't tell her Harry and Meghan aren't Royals anymore. It would break her heart).

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+61 414 420 402
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Frequently Unasked Questions

You any good at anything?

Comedy - Performance - Integrated VFX - Zen Can-Do-ism - Dance Offs

What's in it for us?

Seamless Execution - No Dramas (unless it's scripted that way) - Clear Communication - Peace of Mind - Cost Efficient

How do you work?

Sometimes, I freelance as a director or director/editor, as I did on this and this.
Through my own shop, FRISKE, I team up with reputable producers to create end to end work like this, this or this.
‍     OR
I throw away the shackles of arbitrary modern day monikers and just am.

What's the damage?   

Depends on how you like to work and/or how long your piece of string is. Let's chat.

Your credo?  

Play nice, think deep and share the LOLs, 'cause nothing fuels optimism like a good laugh, and hell knows the world needs more of that right now. 🙂

If you're the second nicest person in advertising, who's the first?

You know who they are. Now's probably a really good time to reach out and say "Hey, you're really nice. In fact, you could be the nicest person in advertising". You'd make their day. And the best thing is they'd then think you're really nice. Before you know it, everyone will be the "nicest person in advertising". How nice would that be?