CX Lavender

Freelance Director.

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Agency: VMLYR
Production Co.: FRISKE
Producer: John Lamble
Roles: Director. Editor.


Mental health is no joke.  

Had a hoot filming this campaign based around a fake awards show - "The Unachievys". Highlighting the unachievable expectations that society often places on Australia’s youth, and how the government agency, headspace, can help with their mental health, we filmed with two people who know a little about societal pressure - actors Zoe Terakes (Talk to Me, Ironheart, The Office Australia) and Ngali Shaw (The Twelve, RFDS).

With only two days to film 10 x 30sec commercials, casting the right crew - people who had empathy, a sense of humour and understood the value of solid prep - was crucial. To that end, we worked with those used to the fast paced, logistical challenges of TV awards shows - those that actually make them. With everyone on the same page in pre, it made for a smooth, fun filled shoot. One that allowed us to craft performances that were both humorous and honest. But the best thing (aside from helping people find the help they need)? The friendships made. Just what the doctor ordered.